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Why is Face Yoga so effective?

Did you know that we have over 50 (fifty) and between 60 (sixty) facial muscles? Well, we do! They are thin muscles supporting our skin. By contracting them in a way that is unconscious and repetitive over the time the skin will reflect that by showing wrinkles. But at the same time by not using them accordingly the skin will appear loose, losing it’s youthful look and tightness. If you think you have never exercised those muscles rethink again. ? Chewing, talking, making facial expressions are all affecting our appereance, even brushing our teeth and holding our phone!

Gravity is pulling our face, muscles, skin, everything down! Constantly. This is not meant to be worrisome, it is simply what it is. Great news though, we still can resist that drastic change, and reduce its effect with Face Yoga! This are my results after 6 months of practice!

Face Yoga exercises the facial muscles

Yes! Same way that you exercise your body, you can also engage your face in the physical activity! This will strenghten the muscles, lift them up, volumize your cheeks, reduce wrinkles, lift the droopiness of your eyes, tighten the neck etc. Principal is simple. Consciously we move certain muscles, relax the others and release the tension from the parts of our face that are holding it.

Face Yoga improves blood circulation and nutrients delivery to our skin

When you move dormant muscle in effective fashion more blood goes to your face and neck area, which means more oxygen and nutrients needed for the skin to rejuvenate! Check the effect from 3 repetition of only one pose The Big O on thermographic photo below.

Face Yoga improves skin condition

This is pretty logical after discovering how does the Face Yoga boosts blood circulation!

Face Yoga bring awareness to your face and daily habits

After doing it for a while you really, but really start paying more attention to the habits that might cause premature aging and unnecessary  wrinkles (like facial expressions, the way you sleep, are you using your sunglasses, what is your body posture). Not only that you observe your daily habits and facial movements but also those on the others! It might sound weird but is actually pretty cool to see how much we can improve our look just by bringing more awareness to what we do each day!

Face Yoga makes you take better care of your face & body which ultimately leads to self love

Love, love, love. We all want love. Do you feel guilty sometimes to give that self care day & time to yourself? For many women is almost a rule to give to others first and then to herself. But don’t forget, our happiness is our own responsibility. After giving yourself a bit of time to take care of your face and body you will experience not only great results but great joy and confidence – because, you can do it!

Hope this post encourage you to try Face Yoga and judge its effects after.

With love,